Kurix Health is a Global Healthcare Solution specialized in Diagnostic and Genomic Tests. We are committed to ending Diagnostic Odyssey by providing advanced Genomics solutions, from molecular diagnosis to advanced reporting and help people finding their unknown allergies and sensitivities.

Kurix Health has changed the approach to laboratory testing by analyzing samples that people can collect in the comfort and convenience of their own home. We help people take a positive and proactive approach to their health, and our commitment to quality and accuracy is the same as that of the best healthcare facilities. With the best scientific tools and supervision, rigorously validated collection and analysis methods, we provide our customers with the absolute best tests, working with laboratories that adhere to the highest quality standards.


An effective solution

Our solution, combining molecular diagnostics and software, offers the highest probability of diagnosing intolerances or allergies and a faster tool to structure a lifestyle adapted to the needs of users. We rely on 2 our pillars: our tests and software.



Our Test (Whole-genome-sequencing for rare disease) provides 30X coverage of the human genome. It has the power to help diagnose genetic diseases quickly, helping people avoid long diagnostic odysseys.

The DBS (Dried Blood Spot) is the first CE-IVD marked dried blood collection set that contains all the necessary material for collecting and sending dried blood samples.


The main advantages:

  • - Possibility of taking his own samples by the patient himself, without the intervention of qualified medical personnel.
  • - Simple to handle: capillary blood is collected by puncture on the fingertip. The blood obtained is collected on the special card and dried in the air.
  • - Minimal invasiveness of the method, a simple alternative to venous blood sampling.



    Our Genomic Interpretation Software offers more precise and faster analysis of complex genomic data, using machine learning and a continuous feedback loop from our database and the clinical lab.